Are You Proactive or Reactive About Your Health?

 Most of us can agree that keeping active and making healthy decisions in our daily lives contributes to our overall sense of energy, productivity and happiness.

But have you ever really thought about how proactive you are about your own health?

Proactivity is fundamentally a state of mind that helps us to become more conscious and in tune with our health and our bodies.

By thinking in greater depth about the food we consume and the level of physical activity we undertake, we can make better, more-informed lifestyle choices that positively affect both our physical and mental health.

Proactivity vs. Reactivity: What’s the Difference?

The main difference between being proactive and being reactive, is that reactivity is action in response to a pain, symptom or warning sign, whereas proactivity is action irrespective of any trigger.

To put it simply, proactivity is getting up and active because you know that exercise brings with it many benefits, and eventually you’ll reap the rewards. Proactivity is also making informed, timely choices about your nutrition and physical health.

In contrast, reactivity is grabbing the nearest fast-food when you’re hungry and taking action only when you’re in pain.

What do you think sounds more beneficial for your overall health and wellbeing?

How to Become More Proactive

Becoming more proactive is easy. All you need is the willingness and motivation to implement a few simple lifestyle changes:

  • Eat well & maintain a healthy weight – Actively incorporating more nutritious foods into your diet will help you to see a massive difference in your energy levels, and will ensure you’re better protected against weight-related illnesses. If you need any help or inspiration with meal planning or nutrition in general, The Health Lodge offer nutritional counselling sessions, where we will discuss and plan for your personal goals.
  • Get moving! – Maintaining a physically active lifestyle, whether that’s running, walking, swimming, or any other activity that gets you up and active, will help you to improve your health and fitness levels. Keeping mobile helps to maintain the suppleness of our joints and ensure our muscles are moving, not to mention the copious benefits exercise has proven to have on our mental health. All in all, any activity is good activity!
  • Consider chiropractic care – Although many people may think of chiropractic care as something you undertake after an injury or pain occurs, it actually works amazingly well as a preventative care measure. Back health is something that is often overlooked, but by visiting a respected chiropractor, you can learn more about good posture and improve your back health through a wide range of physical therapies.

 It’s important to remember that being proactive is largely a state of mind.

Positivity breeds positivity, so if you consistently tell yourself you want to be more in tune with your health and your body, it’ll happen!

If you would like any advice on how to become more proactive about your health, or to book a session with one of our experienced chiropractors, get in touch today.