Therapeutic Ultrasound Therapy

More commonly associated with sonograms, ultrasound technology has been used for the last 80 years by physical therapists to help with pain relief. By harnessing the ultrasonic waves present in the ultrasound wand, practitioners us the gentle heat generated from this procedure to target muscles below the skin.

The Treatment Process

There’s no need to worry about this treatment being uncomfortably hot – often there is very little warmth felt by the client, if anything often only a gentle tingling is felt. The ultrasound works its way deep into the muscle where it promotes blood flow to the area. This in turn encourages the body to begin healing any inflammation which may lie there and speed up the recovery of any injury.

As well as increasing blood flow, ultrasound technology can also be used to break down scar tissue, reduce swelling and inflammation and relax the tissue itself. The intensity of the treatment can be altered, depending on the client’s needs and in all cases is completely comfortable and safe. A usual treatment session would be no longer than 5 minutes, although this time may be extended where there is lots of scar tissue to deal with.

For best results it is suggested that a course of treatment should be undertaken each session will be tailored to the amount of inflammation or trauma that is being dealt with.

Ultrasound technology can help provide relief from the likes of swollen joints, tendonitis, muscle spasms and promote quicker bone fracture healing. It has also been noted to help with the ‘stretchiness’ of the muscles which helps when the client is suffering from muscle stiffness or pain.

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