Functional Neurology

At the Health Lodge, our specialist health centre in Hillingdon, we offer functional neurology treatments that look at any possible dysfunction in the nervous system which may be causing subtle changes to the body. These are processes that can be altered before they develop into distinct pathologies if properly identified and treated.

Functional neurology treatments can help to alleviate a variety of issues that are caused by neurological symptoms, such as movement disorders and general weaknesses.

The Science Behind Functional Neurology

Functional neurology is an innovative new treatment on the leading edge of neuroscience. It works by activating the nervous system via specific exercises and stimulations.

In order to survive, neurons need oxygen, glucose and other essential nutrients. They also need stimulation, which in turn can cause positive changes to the structure and metabolism of the nerve cells. These stimulations target areas of the brain, pathways, and circuits that can create positive results for the patient.

A patient with a functional neurological symptom disorder is structurally normal, but has a problem with their central nervous system that causes part of their body to function incorrectly. Many different factors can contribute to these disorders, including biological, psychological and social influences.

The stimulations employed during a functional neurology session vary greatly. This is because every stimulation is tailored specifically to the individual patient and their needs. At our Uxbridge health clinic, we understand that every person’s condition and every person’s nervous system is different. Therefore, we treat all of our patients with personalised and accommodating care.

What are the Benefits of Functional Neurology?

Functional neurology involves stimulating the brain with the aim to producing positive, long-lasting changes. As functional neurology is a natural process, it can also help to improve the body’s healing methods without the need for chemical interventions.

Through these functional neurology sessions, we can help to improve a patient’s physical movements by using a variety of different approaches. Dependent on your goals, this could include working on your balance, manner of walking, or visual movement training.

Our perceptive methods can help with both your physical daily activities and cognitive mental processes.

Our non-invasive Functional Neurology treatments can help to alleviate problems associated with neurological symptoms, and support you along the path towards better health. If you are interested in functional neurology, or wish to learn more, then please do not hesitate to contact us at The Health Lodge.

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