Yoga and Meditation

The chaos and pressure associated with everyday life can often put unnecessary amounts of stress on both the mind and body. Our yoga and meditation classes, based in our Uxbridge clinic, can help you to alleviate this stress through varied breathing, stretching and relaxation techniques. Our methods will allow you to become more in touch with your inner self by reaching a state of mindful meditation.

Yoga and Meditation – Working Together

Yoga has long been thought of as the pathway to meditation. As detailed in the Journal of Pain Management, “posture affects all human function, consciously and unconsciously from breathing to thinking.” Yoga then, can help to realign your posture through physical exercise and in turn, calm the mind. This allows an individual to reach an optimum state of meditation and relaxation.

Meditation is simply whatever we focus our attention on. Our minds have become accustomed to concentrating on the outside world, which is not only stressful, but constantly changing. This is reflected in our own bodies through varying degrees of emotion, restlessness and anxiety. Through our meditation sessions, we can help you to deflect the energy of your body and mind away from the outer world, and back on to your inner self.

What are the Benefits of Yoga and Meditation?

As a result of attending our Uxbridge yoga and meditation classes, an individual can expect to experience an increase in inner strength and a general feeling of relaxation, peace and clarity. Our classes can also help you to achieve a greater compassion and understanding for the wider world.

By learning how to properly hold yourself, you will become more comfortable and aware of your own body, which will in turn, protect your future mobility.

At our Hillingdon chiropractic care centre, we believe that mental well-being is just as important as physical health. Our yoga and meditation classes can help you to harmonise both body and mind, to reach a sense of internal equilibrium.

At The Health Lodge we believe that yoga & meditation are important ways to alleviate stress, both on the mind and on the body. If you feel that you would benefit from the stress alleviation and personal reflection that yoga and meditation can bring, then please get in touch.

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