Your health is our priority. To provide you with the most suitable treatment, we first ask that you attend a full consultation and examination at our Uxbridge based chiropractic clinic. One of our friendly healthcare experts will then be able to determine the best course of treatment for your issues.


We fully understand the detrimental and potentially debilitating impact that conditions like sciatica, back, muscle and nerve pains can have on your quality of life. We want our services to help the people of Uxbridge and Hillingdon return to a happier and more active lifestyle. Join us today and start the first step of your journey back to good health.

I would like to say that the treatment I received has enabled me to maintain an active lifestyle. All the staff are welcoming and knowledgeable.

Core Health Services

Targeting fixated and malfunctioning vertebrae and spinal mechanics, we determine your pain’s origin and use tailored packages to restore your active motion.

Health depends on tissues, ligaments, muscles and bones working together. We use movement, stretching, and massage therapies to treat and prevent problems.

Soft tissue techniques treat pain and prepare you for rehabilitation. Including massage, medical acupuncture, myofascial release, and cold laser diode therapy.

Health and Welbeing Services

Classes for easing the daily stresses that build up in our bodies, including breathing, stretching, and relaxation. Our methods help you to reach a state of mindful meditation.

Physical movement can help with your rehabilitation, back into a healthy and active lifestyle following injury. We help you to recover from injuries quickly and effectively.

Dry needle acupuncture on myofascial trigger points treats pain & inflammation – promoting self-healing. It can be combined with other treatments in a care package.

Utilising scientific approaches for long-term muscular relief, deep tissue massages are suitable for all. Massage therapy can ease spinal pain and aid mobility.

Improving your diet with supportive and unique nutritional plans that focus on your health, fit your lifestyle and aim to improve your happiness and wellbeing.

An innovative treatment that can alleviate numerous issues that are caused by neurological symptoms, such as movement disorders and general weaknesses.

Advanced Healthcare Services

Non-surgical & effective at reducing pain from herniated or bulging discs. This computerised treatment can be combined with others in a tailored care package.

An alternative treatment for pain relief using low-intensity light wavelengths to interact with tissue and speed up the body’s natural healing process.

Using deep heat on muscles, tendons and ligaments to increase circulation, which helps the healing process and decrease the pain associated with these tissues.