Sciatica Treatment

Here at The Health Lodge we know that a trapped nerve can be agonising and can, if left without treatment, end up being debilitating. Sciatica is often characterised by a shooting pain running down the length of the leg and up over the hip, causing huge discomfort. It often renders the sufferer unable to move as freely as they normally would and is often caused by one of the spinal discs bulging or slipping out of its usual place and pressing on the surrounding nerves, or a nerve becoming kinked or trapped. It is extremely painful and is not something that you should have to live with.

Treatments to Help Relieve Sciatica

At our clinic we have a number of treatments available which can be used to relieve the symptoms of sciatic pain and also help prevent it from keeping on occurring in the future. Alongside the more traditional chiropractic care we also offer a selection of other holistic practices, such as Osteopathy, to help enable the body to heal itself.

These include spinal decompression, which is entirely non-surgical and works well alongside our rehabilitation programme which helps realign the spine and posture with the help of physiotherapy and core stability training.

A Tailored Care Plan

Our therapists know that each of our clients are unique and respond differently to different treatments. It is because of this that we tailor our treatment and care plan carefully to each individual and may utilise one or more treatment styles to get the maximum benefit. By using a number of techniques to help un trap the nerve, realign the spine and promote increased core strength, which in turn protects the back, we aim to design the right bespoke treatment to get you feeling your best once more.

Get in touch with our friendly team to find out what treatment options we have available and start your road to mending and strengthening your body today.