Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy

At The Health Lodge, we have an abundance of sports therapy and physiotherapy services available, that can help you to heal and aid your return to an active and healthy lifestyle. We use both physiotherapy and sports therapy to restore movement and function back into a patient’s life, often when they have been affected by some form of illness or injury. We not only want to rehabilitate our patients back to a healthy, functional level of fitness, but we also aim to prevent any future injuries and promote overall wellbeing.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

There is a considerable difference between the physical healing of an injury, and an individual being strong enough, both physically and mentally, to make a successful return to their chosen sport. In every treatment programme offered at our Hillingdon practice, we provide lifestyle advice and specific exercises that will aid a person’s individual rehabilitation.

When you leave our chiropractic clinic, we want you to be extremely satisfied with the treatments you have received. We also want you to feel confident enough to be able to incorporate our techniques into your daily routine, as a means to improving your general lifestyle.


What Services are Available?

All of the physiotherapists, chiropractors and sports therapists working in our Uxbridge chiropractic clinic are trained in-house, with a spinal therapy certification. This covers spinal manipulation, manual therapy, radiology and radiography. We also use numerous soft-tissue techniques in our physiotherapy and sports therapy treatments. The physiotherapy and sports therapy services available at The Health Lodge, include:

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Through physiotherapy and sports therapy, we can help you to restore and maintain your health, by managing your current pains and preventing future problems. Book a free health check today to find out more about any of our Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy treatments.