Myofascial Release

Focussing on the connective tissues in and around the muscle, also known as the myofascia, myofascial release therapy is ideal for those who suffer from larger areas of pain and stiffness.

Myofascia pain could be caused by trauma, prolonged inactivity or tension build up in the body and can result in the muscles becoming spasmed in a way which effects posture and self-healing.

Without treatment the myofascia can thicken, meaning that the muscles underneath are restricted and can form internal scarring. With restriction of muscle also comes limited joint movement and so inflammation of the connective tissue can affect the body as a whole if left untreated.

Myofascial massage works by applying pressure to the areas that are causing discomfort and often rolling along the muscles. This is very similar to the technique athletes use when utilising foam rollers or ‘peanuts’ after a heavy workout. Our therapists are trained to ‘see with their hands’ and are adept at picking up areas of tension and pain. Each client is different and so the amount of pressure applied varies from person to person, in an effort to provide an effective treatment without causing discomfort.


Myofacial release can help alleviate:

  • Muscle pain and tenderness
  • Asymmetric muscle pain
  • Poor sleep and fatigue

To find out more please get in touch with one of our knowledgeable staff who can tell you more about this process and its benefits.


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