Personal Rehabilitation

At The Health Lodge, our personal rehabilitation sessions can help you to recover from your injuries quickly and effectively. Physical movement is a proven method of treatment that can help with your rehabilitation, back into a healthy and active lifestyle following injury.

Understanding Your Body’s Strengths and Weaknesses

During your first personal rehabilitation session at our specialist health centre in Uxbridge, Hillingdon, we will offer an initial assessment of your injuries. We will then be able to provide you with a diagnosis, that will lead to effective and efficient treatment.

Our movement based diagnostic system can address the source and cause of your pain, by analysing dysfunctional movement patterns in a systemised assessment.

After assessing your condition, our next goal is to devise a fitness plan that is specifically tailored to suit your needs. We can help you to understand your body’s strengths and weaknesses by practicing movements in combined patterns, that mirrors how a person would function in everyday life.

At The Health Lodge, our specialists have 40 years combined experience treating the people of Uxbridge and the wider borough of Hillingdon. We’re confident that our personal rehabilitation sessions will advance your progress into a healthy, active lifestyle.

Developing the Optimum Rehabilitation Routine

To develop the best possible rehabilitation routine that is personal to you, we will consider both your physical needs and future goals. Through our sessions, we can improve your mobility, stability and/or motor control dysfunctions. Our specialised exercises will help to prepare you for the active lifestyle that you will hopefully be able to return to, following your personal rehabilitation sessions with us.

By customising your individual rehabilitation care plan, whatever physical activity is important to you, can be practised and adapted until you are fully confident in your abilities. This will ensure maximum performance, if you are hoping to return to a specific sport or activity.

Our Personal Rehabilitation sessions are designed to support you on the road back to good health after an injury. We are dedicated to helping each and every patient reach their health goals and are proud to support patients back into active lifestyles.

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