Treating Headaches and Migraines

Anyone who has either suffered severe headaches or migraines or has even been in the presence of someone in the throes of one can understand how painful and debilitating they can be. Often, they can render the sufferer unable to function as normal, causing light sensitivity, nausea and preventing them from carrying out day to day tasks. For some they only strike once or twice in a lifetime and for others they become an unfortunately common occurrence.

There are some simple things that you can do to try to ward off headaches and migraines, which include drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep, and not looking at screens for too long. However, for many people this is not enough. We would recommend visiting your Doctor to rule out more serious causes. If they are unable to help then a care plan at The Health Lodge may be able to tackle your headaches or migraines in a more holistic way.

Physical Causes of Headaches

Unlike many other physical ailments, headaches and migraines are often more commonly attributed to mental stresses, being over tired and over worked resulting in the body being unable to function as usual. However, mental stress is often held in the muscles, our posture changes and our bodies tense up when we are anxious, subsequently causing changes in our physicality. Any damage to the spine, be it a trauma or wear and tear on the body, can result in muscles spasming, joints seizing up and nerves being pinched. Being able to realign the spine and release any built-up tensions in the muscles surrounding the neck and back is often a very effective way of relieving these stresses and preventing headaches and migraines in the future.

Treatments for Headaches and Migraines

Here at The Health Lodge we have a number of treatments which can be utilised to help alleviate the pain caused by headaches and migraines. As well as working hard to help our clients feel better we are also dedicated to offering the right tools and foundations to keep the body strong and healthy and in its best condition to avoid these sorts of problems reoccurring. Using massage techniques as well as chiropractic care we work to effectively target the source of the problem and focus on getting the spine back to the form that it should be. As each of our clients is unique we may create different treatment plans which are tailored to best suit your needs.

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