Everything You Need to Know About Neck Pain

Neck pain can make you miserable and make everyday tasks almost impossible to complete. That is why here at The Health Lodge we offer a variety of treatments to help relieve your symptoms and try to find, and resolve, the underlying cause.

The Problem with Offices

Sadly, a lot of neck pain is down to postural issues, most of which are caused by sitting awkwardly at a desk all day at work or tilting your chin downwards towards a screen. This results in the muscles to the front of your neck becoming weak, whilst the ones at the back taking on most of the pressure and having to tighten up. Long term, this can cause serious neck pain and make your working life very uncomfortable. As a short-term solution to this kind of issue, whilst you are waiting to book an appointment with us, we suggest that taking short breaks and stretches away from the desk should become part of your daily routine.

Whiplash or Neck Injury

Another possible cause of pain or tension is as a result of sustaining whiplash in an accident or when being flung around, say on a fairground ride. In an attempt to stabilise the weight of the head, the neck goes into spasm which later becomes painful. Limiting your movements, as well as applying ice regularly for the first few days, can help whilst you are waiting to hear from one of our team.

Pain from Degeneration

Degeneration, which is wear and tear on the cervical bones, at the top of the neck can cause joints to stiffen and make even the most every day of movements painful. As well as getting in touch with one of our experts, we suggest limiting neck movement until you have been assessed as well as applying regular ice or heat packs (whichever provides relief) to the area.

Nerve Irritation

Another concerning cause of acute neck pain is what is known as Cervical Radiculopathy, which is caused by nerve irritation. This may result in neck pain coupled with issues with the shoulder, arm and hand which can range from pain and tingling to numbness and weakness. As a quick relief whilst you wait to see one of our team we suggest applying ice to reduce inflammation, whilst limiting any movements that exacerbate the symptoms.

Acute Torticollis

Acute Torticollis in another painful issue that results in the head becoming twisted to one side. Unfortunately, the actual cause of this problem is unknown, although some believe it is down to the neck muscles or ligaments getting stuck in a position. With no warning, Acute Torticollis can seemingly happen at random and sufferers can purely wake up in pain for no apparent reason.

As well as contacting one of our team, we suggest trying to keep the neck moving as usual as well as using heat or ice- whichever suits you- to relieve the pain.

At The Health Lodge we have treatments for all types of neck pain so get in touch with our friendly team and start your journey to pain free living.