Is Back Pain Hurting Your Career?

Whether you are working in a very manual job, which requires lot of lifting and bending or a more sedentary one which means sitting in a chair all day, the affliction of back pain can affect us all at some point or another. Depending on the repetitive nature of your working life different parts of your back can end up under a lot of stress and can be extremely distracting.

Back Pain from Sitting

Being sat for extended amounts of time runs the risk of causing lower back pain as our bodies are not designed to be stationary for such long periods. While most desk chairs are adjustable and there are many guidelines on how to sit in a manner that protects the spine, the truth is many of us end up with pain, in our shoulders, back and neck, as a result of prolonged periods sat in the same position.

Getting up and moving around every half hour or so can greatly alleviate tension forming in many of the body and also gives your circulation a bit of a boost in doing so. Many people with desk jobs are also now opting for standing desks, which is a great solution for when sitting for long amounts of time is too painful.

Lifting and Active Work

At the other end of the spectrum, having a very active role at work comes with its own types of risks. Lifting heavy items or carrying out repetitive movements, like bending or twisting can also put certain groups of muscles under stress and cause them to tense up or spasm. While there are a lot of workplace guidelines available on the correct way to lift and handle objects correctly we are not always able to follow them and accidents sadly do sometimes occur.

Suffering from back pain, whatever its cause, can be miserable and impact greatly on our day to day lives. Not only does it hinder movement but it can also have an impact on our mental health, making us dread being at work as we know it makes us feel uncomfortable and is contributing to the damage we have already suffered. It can also make it impossible for us to concentrate when we are at work. Being in pain lowers both morale and productivity and can have a damaging effect on your career.

Unfortunately working, for most of us, is an unavoidable necessity and so measures need to be put in place to make our work life that bit more enjoyable. While taking painkillers can be an excellent short-term solution to back pain it is not a sustainable solution as they merely mask the symptom and not the actual cause of the discomfort. At The Health Lodge we have a number of treatments, from osteopathy to gentle yoga stretches to make you feel more comfortable and happy in the workplace. Whether you have injured yourself moving something heavy or have tension from sitting or standing for long amounts of time, we are sure to have a treatment which will help alleviate your back pain. Get in touch to find out more.