Travel Tips to Save You Stress

Many of us spend time travelling or one reason or another. Whether is it part of working life or something you do for fun it can often come with its own worries.  Getting lost, running late, or being flustered before you even set off can all make a trip stressful.

In order to keep relaxed and stress-free when navigating a trip away, we have come up with some tips to help you arrive at your destination calm and comfortable.

Be prepared The scouts were onto something when they said to be prepared. Alleviate any niggling worries of forgetting something or getting lost on the way by making sure you have everything ready to go the night before. Whether you are taking a four-hour car journey or travelling half way across the world, make sure you have everything you need ready in advance.

Pack your bag Everyone can recognise that horrible panic when on the morning of our flight, we can’t remember for the life of us where our passport is! Eliminate that stress by getting it packed and ready well in advance.

Set off early There’s no way of knowing when traffic will strike or what a queue at the airport or train station will be like, so getting an early start helps cut down on the chance of you missing that flight or arrival time. Rushing last minute will only get the stress hormones pumping and kick your trip off to a less than peaceful start.

Get organised Whatever sort of travelling you are going, getting all your travel details arranged before setting off can make you feel calmer and in control. Some people prefer to write down details like flight times or driving instructions, whilst others like to type up an itinerary or keep screenshots of where they need to be and when. Find what works for you, and what is going to make your journey that bit simpler.

Fuel yourself Make sure you eat before setting off and schedule in pit stops for food or instead take light, healthy snacks along with you. Hunger and thirst often puts a lot of extra stress on our bodies and minds and this can be easily avoided with a little forward planning.

Get an early night Starting your trip well rested gives you a clearer mind and a better outlook for the day ahead. Even if you have to be up with the birds, try to get to bed early and attempt to get your full 8 hours.

Calming techniques For times when things do get stressful and you feel out of your comfort zone, utilise deep breathing techniques, simple yoga moves or even listening to music to help you relax.

At The Health Lodge, we have experts who can help you find what sort of relaxation works best for you. Click to find out more about yoga and meditation techniques which may help when you are on the road.