Let’s face it. We spend a lot of our waking day at work. It’s no surprise that it’s often the cause of many of life’s stresses. Alongside the everyday stress of the work we are doing, the environment we work in can also be a contributing factor to the pain we feel in our bodies and the anxiety we experience. Whether you spend your day at a desk or are up and about on your feet, this simple guide aims to give you four ways to improve your workspace.

Keep it Simple

Clutter can cause all sorts of stress. Not knowing where things are, on top of having a workload that seems overwhelming, is not going to set anyone up for a good day. Spend 5 minutes at the end of your day resetting your workspace or writing down an action plan for the next day. That way, you don’t need to tackle a pile of paperwork or spend the first half hour looking for all the things you need throughout the day.

Get Comfortable

If you spend your day sitting behind a desk, take the time to consider what you’re sitting on. In the same way that it is essential to have the right mattress, having an uncomfortable chair is only going to cause you back problems later on. Choose one that is fully adjustable and ensures that your back is supported correctly. There is also the option not to have a chair at all; many people get on better with a standing desk or even find sitting on a yoga ball is comfier.


Make your workspace more comfortable still by having a couple of personal items around you, a plant or two can be a calming influence at work and help clean the air around you.

Stretch Out

Whether you’re sitting or standing for your job, repetitive actions or bad posture can make you feel uncomfortable or stiff. Try to schedule breaks into your day to practice a few gentle stretches. Opening up space in the upper body can help prevent you from feeling hunched up and getting back and neck ache. A few simple routines every day will help you keep that feeling suppleness.

Take a Break

Take proper breaks, even if you are busy. Whether it’s just to get a well-earned cup of tea or take five minutes to go for a short walk; getting away from your workspace can give you a chance to have a change of scenery and at the least have a mental break. If you work predominantly indoors, it can also be beneficial to grab a moment of fresh air and reconnect with the outside world. Apps such as Headspace are also a great thing to have to hand, as they guide you through a short meditation, helping you switch off and reset for a brief moment.

To find out more about how simple stretches and relaxation methods such as meditation can be introduced into your working day get in touch with the team at The Health Lodge today.

Dr Louise Chiasson-Baxter*, Doctor of Chiropractic. Clinical Director, Spinal Specialist. 

*Marie Lucie Louise Chiasson-Baxter is a Doctor of Chiropractic and is registered with the general chiropractic council, she is not a registered general practitioner and is not registered with the GMC.