Stress is something that we all suffer from time to time, and its symptoms can take on many different forms. Lack of sleep, tension in the body, and our relationship to food can all be affected when our bodies and minds are out of sync.

Stress is a biological instinct and serves an excellent purpose in some instances, keeping us on high alert in dangerous times and activating our instinct of fight or flight. However, where immediate danger is often not present, our bodies can often mimic these stress responses in a more consistent, low-level way when reacting to daily life. Our surroundings and the environment in which we live can all have an impact on how our stress levels are affected.

Alongside the usual suspects such as pressure at work or home, one significant factor which is often overlooked is diet. Many of us who have busy lives can slip into the trap of using coffee and sugar to keep us functioning as well as finding it hard to cook and eat nutritious meals throughout the day. Without the proper fuel, it means that we can end up exhausting the body and end up causing inflammation which then comes out in a physical manner such as irritability, lack of sleep and physical discomfort.

Here at The Health Lodge we are dedicated to combatting stress, and it is because of this that we pay close attention to how the body reacts to its surroundings, and that includes looking at the foods of which we are fuelling our bodies.

Some of us are naturally more sensitive to certain foods, such as simple carbohydrates, refined sugars and caffeine, which can all make our bodies go into overdrive. In some instances, they are damaging enough to cause inflammation, a common occurrence if you are sensitive to the likes of dairy or gluten and puts the body in its fight mode. This constant stress can have an exhausting effect on the body and leaves the sufferer open to experiencing a depleted immune response as well as pain and discomfort.

It is important to be getting the right balance of nutrients, and it is because of that that our nutritional experts here at The Health Lodge can offer nutritional counselling to advise and formulate plans to keep you feeling your best. Our experienced staff can talk through different ways to help pinpoint what foods are causing problems to occur and suggest different ways to avoid them. Our appointments are informal and non-judgemental and aim to devise an eating plan which will work around you and your lifestyle while giving you the best possible results.

Get in touch today to find out more about our nutritional counselling and how it can help you.

Dr Louise Chiasson-Baxter*, Doctor of Chiropractic. Clinical Director, Spinal Specialist. 

*Marie Lucie Louise Chiasson-Baxter is a Doctor of Chiropractic and is registered with the general chiropractic council, she is not a registered general practitioner and is not registered with the GMC.