Keeping your spine happy means that the rest of your body stays strong and supported. Taking care of your back can have a great knock-on effect on the rest of your health and ensure that you stay supple and pain-free. As well as there being lots of treatments such as chiropractic care and massage to help relieve tensions andmisalignments, there are also lots of different ways in which we can takepreventative care of our backs.

Good Posture

Posture is something that can have a huge impact on the way our bodies feel. Slumping or slouching or sitting awkwardly at a desk all day for work can make different parts of our back feel over stretched. Without proper posture we are often at risk of putting stress on certain bits of our spine which can make the muscles spasm and cause us pain. One way in which we can prevent this is by making sure that if we are in a sedentary role that we get up and move about as much as we can. Also, being mindful of how we are sitting or standing, keeping our heads up and shoulders back can release tension in the upper back, whilst activating the glutes and core can protect the lower spine.

Careful Exercise

Exercise is another fantastic way of keeping fit and healthy. It not only makes you feel great by releasing endorphins but by getting the blood pumping and strengthening your muscles, it will mean that you have a more supported core and a stronger back. Don’t feel that you suddenly have to run marathons or start weightlifting, (although of course do if that’s your thing!) taking up gentle movements such as yoga, walking or swimming can bean easy path into forging an exercise regime. 

Back Happy Nutrition

Having the right nutrition can benefit all parts of your lifestyle and can make a huge impact on our health. We all feel better after knowing that we have been eating right and drinking enough water. Having a good general health will aid with your body’s healing ability and allow you to keep your muscles and bones strong.

Rest and Sleep

Finally, never underestimated the power of getting proper rest and sleep. Making sure you make time in your busy days and evenings to properly unwind and get a solid night’s sleep will do wonders for your overall health and help your body recharge and restore itself. Keeping an eye on your mattress is also a good way of making sure that your spine is being supported and kept in its best condition.

Here at The Health Lodge we are dedicated to helping our clients feel their best. It is because of this that we offer a wide selection of treatments and services to keep you feeling your healthiest. Including advice and classes on yoga and nutrition, alongside our corrective procedures, we believe that looking after your spine can give you the best quality of life.

For more information, getin touch with our friendly team today to find out more about the tailoredtreatment plans we have on offer.