Chiropractic treatments are synonymous with providing relief from stiff joints and muscles affected by spasm. It is a highly specific practice which can offer long-lasting effects and help realign the spine and therefore impact on the rest of the body. Here at The Health Lodge, we offer a variety of treatments that include chiropractic care and we often see it as a vital part of helping promote the body’s own self-healing process.

It seems, however, that there are instances where this form of treatment has been used effectively with slightly differing healing results. According to a number of small studies, these spinal realignments have also been seen to have a positive effect on participants overall strength, stability and even seem to promote better brain function, such as recall. It is suggested that not only do spinal adjustments help the body, but they may also be having a positive effect on the brain.

Heidi Haavik, an Auckland based chiropractor and neurophysiologist, has been conducting, along with her team, a series of tests to work out the cause of such a phenomenon.

Her theory is that the body’s peripheral nervous system and the brain and spinal cord, which do everything from managing our reflexes as well as allowing us to think in an abstract way, are all focused around the spine. This complex network uses neurons to fire messages and signals across, and through, our backbones, sending the information to where it needs to be.

Haavik has suggested that any disruptions in the spine, such as misaligned disks or tension, can disrupt this natural flow of neural transmission. Messages may not get to where they need to go, and this could potentially have a detrimental impact on both the brain and the body. Making sure that the body is aligned as it should be, therefore means that it will cope with the body’s day to day stresses as it was naturally built to.

It seems that the scope of chiropractic treatment has a much wider reach than was initially thought.

By using spinal manipulation and adjustments, it is suggested that we can actually ‘tune-up’ the brain in a sense, by stimulating the neurons that travel through and across the spinal column and clearing the pathway to do so. By helping the body’s natural healing mechanisms to run smoothly we can promote self-healing in the way that we were always designed to do.

Our specialist team know how beneficial chiropractic care and a healthy spine can be and so are happy to discuss treatments accordingly. Here at The Health Lodge, we know that all bodies are different and that is why we treat each client on a case by case basis. Each treatment is tailored to the individual and is designed to help that person feel as flexible and pain-free as they can. We look forward to being able to help you feel your best in both body and mind.

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Dr Louise Chiasson-Baxter*, Doctor of Chiropractic. Clinical Director, Spinal Specialist. 

*Marie Lucie Louise Chiasson-Baxter is a Doctor of Chiropractic and is registered with the general chiropractic council, she is not a registered general practitioner and is not registered with the GMC.