Whatever stage you are at in your life, there is almost always space to give your body a boost by utilising exercise to get the blood moving and helping your joints become more flexible. Many of us can relate to the great feeling we get after a work-out or even the freeing sensation after having a proper stretch. Exercise is so important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and even the smallest amount of gentle movement can help us feel our best and most invigorated.

However, as we get older the likelihood of having joint pain and stiffness increases as we slow down our activities. As we age it can often be more difficult to be inspired to get involved with classes or to motivate ourselves to get out to have a run or a swim on our own. Sometimes health issues or injuries slow us down and can prevent us from living the active lifestyles that we use to. This means that not only are you missing out on the great endorphin high you can get from exercising, but you are also losing the benefits it has on the body itself.

The issue with inactivity

Unfortunately, inactivity can cause issues as parts of the body begin to seize up or stiffen when they are no longer used. Joint mobility, which becomes more and more important as we get older, is also compromised when we start to do less.

With joint stiffness comes a decrease in flexibility and this in turn can have a knock-on effect on things like balance and posture. In order to avoid these occurrences, it is important to invest time in yourself by committing to carrying out a gentle and manageable exercise regime. Exercise doesn’t have to mean running marathons and lifting weights. Instead this can be anything from walking and swimming to Yoga or Pilates.

Keeping yourself mobile

Here at The Health Lodge we are dedicated to helping you feel your best and part of that is offering different treatments and holistic therapies which will contribute towards a healthy lifestyle. Keeping our clients mobile and pain free is the backbone to our work and so we offer many different solutions to help you feel more invigorated.

Alongside stretching and advising on nutrition and health, our team are also on hand to offer treatments for the times where there is joint stiffness or limited mobility. This can include massages to help relive knots and tension or more specialised therapies such a physiotherapy or osteopathy. We understand that every person is different and that everybody responds in different ways. That is why all treatments are tailored to the client and will aim to tackle particular issues or problems.

If you feel that your body is in need of an extra boost and want to get your energy levels up and to feel more flexible, why not get in touch with our friendly team today. With many different qualified practitioners on hand we are sure to get you feeling your best in no time.